I'm Dani..

CEO/ Cofounder of a marketing agency


TV Producer


Mindset and Business coach for creatives, coaches and businesses

Being in business over 11 years I have learned alot. I have realized the biggest thing that was in my way was my mindset. Once I started shifting that I started seeing massive changes in my business. This includes getting more clear on what I wanted for my business, who my ideal clients are, my pricing and offers, my brand presence, my mindset of what I believed is possible and more. Through combining my powerful networking abilities, tapping into my intuition to help guide my clients on how they can increase their revenue in their business, building my brand and more I was able to build a powerful business to help change lives. Now it is your turn. Are you in?


"Dani has always been a networking butterfly. Since the day we made our acquaintance 14 years ago to being reconnected now, she has only grown stronger wings and brought together more talented people. From hiring me to co-write and produce one of her latest singles, to allowing me to embarrass myself in front of a camera for a tv show pilot, Dani has continued to introduce me to people along the way that have both challenged and lifted me to a better place than I was before. Her spirits are bright and her intentions are good. I encourage you to take flight with this butterfly and see what magic is in store for you."

- Dave Dones

"Dani is helping me achieve my financial goals with music with her Music Money Making session! After the first call I feel both ready to proceed having a solid plan/strategy, as well as a mindset shift around earning from my music work! I am so excited to start this journey – thank you Dani for your great insights!"

- Kristen Merritt

"She helped me totally transform the way I was seeing so many things. Without realizing it I had built up a lot of limiting beliefs. I felt like if I didn’t keep releasing a bunch of new music and spend a ton of money on videos and promotion, people would forget about me. I felt like I only had till I was 30 to make it in the music industry. I felt like getting another job would allow no time in my schedule for music and that I wouldn’t be able to continue. I thought I had to work nonstop and sacrifice my social life. She not only gave me business tips about releasing content that wouldn’t cost me thousands of dollars, but she helped me change my perspective on all of these issues.


- Brina Kay




Yahoo Finance

Global Journal Observer


Business Insider


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