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Get access to Amplify Your Abundance 3 Day Class Bundle! This 3 class bundle includes We Code Our Reality, Power of Gratitude and Importance of Fun.

Mindset Mastery

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Build your confidence, master the law of attraction, shift your mindset to achieve your goals, design a vision board to manifest your dream life, visualize success through meditations that are tailored specifically for artists, and much more.

Course includes:

  • Lesson 1 The law of attraction
  • Lesson 2 The Power of Belief
  • Lesson 3 Power Up Your Emotions
  • Lesson 4 The Power of Your Imagination
  • Lesson 5 The Power of Goal Setting
  • Lesson 6 Vision Boards
  • Lesson 7 The Power of Gratitude
  • Lesson 8 The Abundance Mindset 


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What People Are Saying:

"Dani's program was very thought provoking. It encouraged me to pause and reflect on my goals and priorities and how they can shape my views of my daily life. As a busy musician and entrepreneur, I found it so refreshing that I got so much insight out of such a program. If you have time, use that time to pause, reflect and reset with Dani's program."

Julianne Q

"Dani's mindfulness program is well thought out, concise and motivating. It is important to look at the areas in our lives we can improve, and this program breaks things down easily to positively identify and set goals. No matter where an artist is on their journey, there is something beneficial for everyone here."

Amy Drea Dorman

"It is great for the modern musician!"

Leo Freire

The program has made me realize that while I might think that I am portraying a positive outlook if I dig more there might be an underlying negative energy that is holding me back! Being able to identify that and start to give myself daily affirmations has been a great way to rewire the way I think about myself."

Molly Adele Brown